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Spinning a Winter Home

The first of our Cecropia Moth caterpillars, nicknamed Mothra, is in the process of spinning her winter home, a fine silken enclosure. With the gossamer threads, she has woven several branches together, forming a V-shaped structure to secure the cocoon. Cecropia Moth Cocoon detail 2 copyright Kim SmithSurrounding leaves, like a blanket, are arranged around the cocoon and also secured with silk threads. The house is quite large, about four inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. As you can see from the Instagram, she has room enough to easily move within the cocoon. When completed, she will pupate within the case. Come next spring, Mothra will emerge from her winter home ready to mate and deposit eggs of the next generation. The circle of life continues.Cecropia Moth Cocoon detail copyright Kim Smith


Cecropia Moth Caterpillar last instar copyright Kim Smithcecropia-moth-male-copyright-kim-smithMothra’s Dad

Help Needed Please

Do any of my readers have a Paper Birch tree with some low hanging branches that I could cut? The branches need to be low enough for me to reach with a pair of pruners. Don’t worry, it won’t harm the tree. The foliage is needed for our ginormous and still growing Cecropia Moth caterpillars.

Birch tree Niles Pond moonlight copyright Kim SmithPaper Birch in the moonlight Niles Pond