Cape Ann Monarch Stills

Goldenrod Field

Monarchs Nectaring Seaside Goldenrod

Monarchs Mating

Monarchs and late-blooming asters

Monarch and Mexican Sunflower

Monarchs sleeping in meadow pearly light of dawn

Monarch Caterpillar Pupating

Monarchs and Red Dahlias

Monarch Overnight Roost Forming

Female (left) and Male (right) Methuselah Monarchs

Monarchs Gloucester 2012 �Kim Smith

female-monarch-egg-marsh-milkweed-c2a9kim-smith-2013jpgFemale Monarch Ovipositing Eggs on Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)

Monarch Caterpillar Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2013Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar milkweed -2 © Kim Smith 2012Monarch Caterpillars Common Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2011Monarch J-Shape

Monarch Chrysalis on milkweed rib ©Kim Smith 2011Monarch Chrysalides

Monarch Butterfly Monarch Butterfly Emerging from Chryslais ©Kim Smith 2011Monarch Butterfly Emerging

Monarch New England Aster ©Kim Smith 2013
Monarch Butterfly and New England Asters

Monarchs Nextaring at Seaside Goldenrod Gloucester ©Kim SmithMonarchs Nectaring Seaside Goldenrod

Milkweed Monarch Habitat Eastern Point Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2013Monarch Butterfly Habitat ~ Milkweed Patch Eastern Point Gloucester, Massachusetts

For more Monarch Butterfly Stock Photos, visit my website at Kim Smith DesignsAll photos copyright Kim Smith. 

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