Beauty on the Wing ~ Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly

Coming Soon!

Monarchs Nextaring at Seaside Goldenrod Gloucester ©Kim Smith

9 thoughts on “Film

  1. Vic Madamba

    I can’t wait for this film. Will there be a CD. Have doing Monarch Tagging and Oe sampling for 5 years and have been doing presentation to school kids. Also, I am a Texas Master Naturalist – Galveston Bay Chapter.

    1. Kim Smith Post author

      Thanks Vic. You are doing great work,.

      Yes, there will be a CD and I plan to do screenings throughout the country. Thank you for your interest. Updates will be posted here.

  2. Dan and Claire

    Kim, I am very interested in planting authentic milkweed plants all around our property here in Gloucester. I have heard there is an invasive kind of “milkweed imposter” plant that even deceives the Monarch Butterflies, who lay their eggs on it, and it is then toxic to the larvae when they hatch and eat it. Some plant and seed suppliers were unknowingly selling this faux plant. Can you advise me about the best source for the real Milkweed plants?


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